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  • Romantic Carriage Driving Through Seville: A Valentine’s Day Adventure

    Happiest of Valentine’s Day to all! As Valentine’s Day is now among us, many of us find ourselves searching for unique ways to celebrate love and create lasting memories with our partners. For those seeking an enchanting and memorable adventure, look no further than the timeless elegance of carriage driving through the golden streets of Seville, Spain. After Christian and I tried this activity for his birthday last year, we…

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  • Scaling Heights: Rock Climbing vs. Via Ferrata’s

    Rock Climbing and Via Ferrata’s are some of the most thrilling and rewarding activities that anyone can experience. By climbing or traversing along a route, you can get a unique perspective of the world that can’t be experienced in any other way. The natural beauty of the rock formations and the surrounding landscape can be truly breath-taking, making these activities even more enjoyable. Rock climbing and via ferrata’s are both…

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  • Skydive Spain 

    Skydive Spain holds significant memories for me personally and is, in my opinion, a phenomenal drop zone to participate in skydiving. Here’s why!   I started skydiving when I was 16, in a lovely drop zone called Skydive GB in Bridlington located by the East Coast in the UK. I went with my parents and Brother for my first ever solo skydive and it was absolutely amazing. Words cannot describe…

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