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  • Climbing To The Top – Via Ferratas in Picos de Europa

    Are you ready to hang from the side of a cliff? Have you always wondered about the thrill of rock climbing? Are you itching to take risks like never before? Welcome to Via Ferratas in Picos de Europa! Christian and I decided, after a tense year of changing COVID regulations and travel restrictions, that we wanted to explore somewhere within Spain and do something special for our 3-year anniversary. We…

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  • A Thrilling Adventure at Fuente Dé

    The Wobbly Ascent The cable car ride up to the summit is an adventure in itself. If you’re a fan of solid ground beneath your feet, prepare for a wobbly experience that will make you question your life choices. The cabin sways gently as it ascends, giving you that tingly feeling in your stomach. Don’t worry; it’s perfectly safe! The “wobble” is all part of the experience, and it only…

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  • Scaling Heights: Rock Climbing vs. Via Ferrata’s

    Rock Climbing and Via Ferrata’s are some of the most thrilling and rewarding activities that anyone can experience. By climbing or traversing along a route, you can get a unique perspective of the world that can’t be experienced in any other way. The natural beauty of the rock formations and the surrounding landscape can be truly breath-taking, making these activities even more enjoyable. Rock climbing and via ferrata’s are both…

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