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  • Matrix Martial Arts 3.0 Grand Opening in Pedreguer

    Welcome all, fighters and enthusiasts! April is here, and with it comes such exciting news from our favourite MMA school. Matrix Martial Arts 3.0 is now open! It’s been a journey filled with hard work, dedication, and a few unexpected twists, but the new location is finally ready. Before we dive into the details of the grand opening, let’s take a moment to reflect on the memorable moments we shared…

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Reality in Alicante: A Must-Try Activity! 

    Prepare to be amazed, prepare to be captivated, and most importantly, prepare to embark on the adventure of your dreams – all in the virtual realm of Alicante. Have you ever dreamt of venturing into historical territories, exploring distant planets, or battling dragons in valiant quests? If so, then Alicante, with its vibrant culture and stunning landscapes, might just be the perfect destination for you! Primely located in the centre…

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  • Unique Destinations for Shooting Adventures in Europe 

    Holly & Christian’s Top 3 Picks You’ve probably seen many shooting activities within the big USA… but have you ever discovered shooting adventures within Europe?! We almost couldn’t believe it either! We knew that clay pigeon shooting is a very popular sport in places such as the UK, but we didn’t know how easy it was to blast some RPG’s without leaving the continent. Join us and embark on an…

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  • Matrix Martial Arts – March 2024 Newsletter

    Welcome to the March 2024 edition of Matrix Martial Art’s monthly newsletters! We are very happy to be celebrating collective achievements from last month and eagerly look forward to exciting developments in the coming weeks. Keep reading for more highlights and updates at your favourite Martial Arts school!¡Bienvenidos a la edición de marzo de 2024 de los boletines mensuales de Matrix Martial Arts! Estamos muy contentos de celebrar los logros…

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  • Romantic Carriage Driving Through Seville: A Valentine’s Day Adventure

    Happiest of Valentine’s Day to all! As Valentine’s Day is now among us, many of us find ourselves searching for unique ways to celebrate love and create lasting memories with our partners. For those seeking an enchanting and memorable adventure, look no further than the timeless elegance of carriage driving through the golden streets of Seville, Spain. After Christian and I tried this activity for his birthday last year, we…

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  • Matrix Martial Arts – February 2024 Newsletter

    Matrix Martial Arts has been EXPLODING with excitement recently! Get ready to reflect on the sensational month of January 2024 and eagerly anticipate what lies ahead in the coming month. The incredible energy and passion that filled the school for the Brazilian Jiujitsu competition was absolutely amazing, inspiring a new month of training and growing stronger. That’s not the only news! Matrix Martial Arts is also upgrading to a new…

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