There will (hopefully) be a time in the future when I am old and grey, sat alongside my Christian, wondering how much effort I’ll need to pull my pants up after sitting on the loo. If I’m lucky, walking down the stairs might only give me aches and pains, maybe I’ll need a wheelchair to go round the supermarket.  

Life might be cruel and take me down a much harder path, but in the hope I live a long life, how do I turn it into a long, happy life? What will I think about when I’m watching the sun set on a summers evening? What will Christian and I talk about when we don’t have the energy to get naked anymore? Will I remember the handbag or expensive t-shirt I spent months saving up for 30 years ago? I’m not so sure.  

For me, the more activities and sports I can try and have a go at, the better. I want to feel that adrenaline rush from jumping out of a plane or walking a tight rope on the side of a cliff as much as possible. I will spend hours searching for new and exciting ways to spend a weekend; quad biking, horse riding, clay pigeon shooting, parasailing, wakeboarding, paragliding, even spending a day at the zoo. 

This blog is to share and spread the word about the countless, fun activities that are easily accessible and ready for the complete beginner to try. Of course, there are different levels – some activities are scarier than others. Some are also more expensive than others. This blog isn’t trying to find the most outrageous, death-defying activities. 

These activities don’t require you to have any pro equipment tucked away in the garage and you don’t need to have done any prior training or skills. All of these activities are for anyone and everyone that wants to give them a go, even if it’s just once.  

All you need is a little confidence to make the booking and turn up on the day, ready with an open mind to make some fun, lifelong memories.