Christian scuba diving in sharm el sheikh

Scuba Diving in Sharm El Sheikh

Athens in 48 hours? Completed it mate. Christian and I set off for our scuba diving in Sharm El Sheikh adventure from Greece to Egypt in the late afternoon – catch up on our Athens antics here.

From Airport Antics to Underwater Wonders

The adventure began with an unexpected twist as we found ourselves stranded in Cairo airport for an overnight layover. I WISH that sentence was true, however the “unexpected” overnight layover in Cairo airport was sadly…my idea. Why pay for a hotel when we land at 11PM and already take off again at 5:30AM?! To start, the terminal was so cold, the air cut through our bones (no overdramatisation, it was the Arctic) and wouldn’t let us sleep. Then, a staff member, hidden from the watchful eyes of the security cameras, casually picked her feet next to us. It’s okay; the plane will be a normal temperature and sleep can commence! Or; it is colder than the airport we came from and again, wouldn’t let us sleep!

Sunrise White Hills

As the sun finally rose and we landed in Sharm El Sheikh, any lingering airport discomfort* dissipated as we stepped into the luxury nestled on the shores of the Red Sea. Our chosen oasis, Sunrise White Hills resort, proved to be nothing short of spectacular. Our room, complete with a jacuzzi on the roof terrace, offered a breathtaking view of the Red Sea. To our surprise, we learnt that this part of the world is officially part of the Asian continent, adding an unexpected but welcomed cultural layer to our adventure.

The following day, the real highlight awaited us – a spectacular boat tour exploring the underwater wonders of the Ras Mohammed National Park. Although I had hurt my shoulder and couldn’t go scuba diving, I could certainly sit on a boat and enjoy the views! Equipped with scuba gear, Christian delved into the mesmerising marine life that surrounded us (twice!!) and explored the stunning coral reefs. The vibrant colours, diverse marine life and sheer beauty of the underwater landscapes make Ras Mohammed a true paradise. The photos speak for themselves! Book your activity here.

Our adventure continued to White Island, a picturesque paradise surrounded by azure waters. Located within the Ras Mohammed National Park at the tip of the Sinai Peninsula, I have never seen anything like it! Savouring the sandy shores and warmth of the Egyptian sun, we docked back into Sharm El Sheikh with lifelong memories.

As we dream of returning, our journey in Sharm El Sheikh came to an end. It is not the end of our Egypt adventures however, as Christian and I set off for Cairo and the Pyramids of Giza! Little did I know, there was a big proposal waiting for me amongst the desert…


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