Athens in 48 Hours

Adventures from Dawn to Dusk

Who’s ready for a whirlwind adventure in the ancient city of Athens?! We recently set off for a 48-hour trip that left us exhilarated and eager to return. From the moment we touched down at 6 in the morning to our departure for Sharm El Sheikh, every second was filled with activities. Join us as we uncover the secrets of Athens, explore its iconic landmarks, and share tips for an unforgettable 2-night stay!

6AM and the City is Yours

Arriving at 6 in the morning gave us a head start on the day. This is what I’d told myself when I convinced Christian that this was the best flight to start our trip with… In reality, of course, I’m that person who books the cheapest flight available and conveniently forgets that check-in doesn’t magically happen the moment you land! Whilst waiting, we treated ourselves to a Greek breakfast and strolled the charming streets, suitcases in tow. Did you know, a classic scrambled eggs breakfast in Greece includes feta cheese? I did not. Was feta cheese a welcomed addition? It was not.

Home Sweet Centre

Our Apartment

When the time came to check in, and luckily for us Amazing Apartments @ Aiolou Str allowed us to check in early, we were greeted by an apartment that exceeded all expectations.

We definitely recommend these apartments as they were in a really central location with lovely views!

We chose an Air BnB with cooking facilities to save on eating out costs. However, the local gyro’s found on every street corner were absolutely delicious and won’t break your bank.

Find out more about Amazing Apartments @ Aiolou Str and their selection of apartments in Athens here.

Scooter Shenanigans

For our first and only full day in Athens, we decided to rent electric scooters from Athens E-scooter Rental at €25 per person for 24 hour rental. This meant we could see all the top tourist attractions without painful feet or spending a lot on taxi’s; plus the scooters themselves are super fun! We started with the Acropolis and worked around the City, ticking off top sights like Hadrian’s Library and Panathenaic Stadium. The battery for this tour was more than enough and you are given the charger to keep riding until your 24 hours is up.

Long Journey to Sharm El Sheikh

As our 48 hours in Athens drew to a close, we packed our bags, bid our electric scooters farewell, and prepped for the next leg of our journey to Sharm El Sheikh. The promise of coral reefs, crystal-clear waters and underwater wonders awaited us. Stay tuned as we unravel the mysteries of Sharm El Sheikh and share more tales of daring escapades!

The Adventure Continues

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Athens in 48 hours was just the starting point, and we can’t wait to take you along for the ride as we explore more thrilling destinations!

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