mono-rafting tipping over in montanejos

Mono-Rafting Mayhem in Montanejos

We are so excited to share our most recent adrenaline adventure – Mono-rafting in Montanejos with Somos Aventura! But hold up, wait a minute, what’s mono-rafting, you ask? Imagine a big inflatable doughnut – much like your traditional swimming pool doughnut – sturdily reinforced with handles and a flat bottom to stop you from slipping through. Hop into one of these, grab a paddle, and mono-raft down the Rio Mijares rapids with your besties!

Montanejos: More Than Just a Tongue-Twister

Montanejos (Mon-tan-eh-hoss for all my non-Spanish speaking pals!) is a stunning paradise nestled inland above Valencia and well worth a visit. The Rio Mijares that runs alongside this amazing town is a breath-taking blue colour set amongst the orange rocks and deep green trees – the river honestly looks like it could be straight out of a fairytale book. The river feels as good as it looks with its mineral rich waters and natural thermals, keeping Montanejos springs at a constant 25°C all year round. This is the same river used by Somos Aventura to offer you an activity like no other: Mono-rafting!

We had first visited Montanejos in the month of May a few years ago to try Hydrospeed with Somos Aventura. Parking was no issue in May – not the same for the summer months! Our original plan to visit the thermal springs before meeting for the activity promptly came to a halt as every available space had been taken. We highly recommend getting there early to guarantee a parking spot or avoiding July and August altogether if you want to combine the activity with exploring the surroundings. Parking for the activity itself was not a problem.

Before You Book

In our experience, we found the booking process with Somos Aventure an adventure in itself – we advise reading all of the small print and checking package prices for your group size before making the booking.

Grab Your Doughnuts, It’s Time to Mono-Raft!

Picture this: You, a daring explorer, armed with a paddle and a sense of humour sharper than a cactus needle, cruising down the picturesque Rio Mijares, wind in your hair, heart in your throat – all while slouched on a gloriously goofy inflatable doughnut! Sign me up! The activity took 3 hours in total, from arriving at the meeting spot, to peeling off your wetsuit at the end. As you paddle through the winding river, you’ll be faced with thrilling rapids and unexpected twists and turns. Whilst you might assume, like me, that the paddle is useful to steer through the river in case you get too close to the river banks, you would in fact be incorrect. After setting off spin cycles worthy of any washing machine and swearing at it a few times, I quickly learnt that steering is almost impossible and the paddle is best used to wedge yourself off of mounted rocks if you get stuck!

mono-rafting on the rio mijares in montanejos


Long nails are not advisable! Mine softened over time in the water, caught on the rocks and bent back on themselves more than once.

Mono-rafting in Montanejos is the kind of adventure that’ll stay with you for years to come. With Somos Aventura’s skilled guides by your side, you’ll be well-prepared to tackle every wave. Book your mono-rafting escapade today and get ready to ride the waves of hilarity with Somos Aventura. Remember, life’s too short for boring adventures – embrace the doughnuts and make a splash in Montanejos!

P.S. Don’t forget to wear your helmet! 😉

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  • Christian

    2 September 2023 at 5:31 pm

    Great activity, highly recommend it. Great scenery.

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