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Unleashing Inner Lumberjacks: Our Axe-Throwing Adventure at El Hachazo!

In the realm of unconventional date ideas, few activities can match the exhilaration of axe throwing. Fearless adventurers and aspiring lumberjacks, this post is for you! Have you ever found yourself daydreaming about tossing sharp objects at wooden targets while channelling your inner Viking warrior? We definitely have. Date nights often involve candlelit dinners, romantic strolls, and cosy movie nights. However, for our anniversary a couple of years ago, the traditional just wouldn’t do. We stumbled upon axe throwing at El Hachazo, offering a new experience and unforgettable memories and we knew we had to try it.
axe throwing activity El hachazo valencia madrid


Throw in creative ways with real fruit targets!

El Hachazo

The first axe-throwing range in Spain

axe throwing activity El hachazo valencia madrid

Axe Throwing: The Perfect Date Night Twist

We might not have had the beards or the axe-wielding experience of a seasoned lumberjack, but we were looking forward to pelting an axe forward and letting loose. Armed with nothing but beginner’s luck and some questionable advice from a YouTube tutorial, we strolled into El Hachazo ready to conquer the art of axe throwing. We were greeted first by the rustic charm of the venue – wooden walls adorned with various axes, the sound of axes hitting targets ringing in the air, and a strong atmosphere of ‘YOU’RE GOING TO LOSE’ in the air. Okay… we brought the last one with us. After a warm welcome from the instructor, we were handed axes and guided to our throwing lane.

The Not-So-Smooth Throws

With our chosen axes in hand, we stood before our wooden targets, which suddenly seemed both incredibly close and impossibly far away. It turns out that hurling a sharp blade at a wooden target requires a level of finesse that we did not naturally possess. The instructor patiently guided us through the motions, emphasizing the importance of stance, grip, and release – our initial throws ranged from overenthusiastic air launches to timid wrist flicks that barely covered the distance from our hand to the target. We quickly learnt that the path to lumberjack greatness isn’t paved with smooth, graceful throws! With each throw, we could feel ourselves inching closer to the elusive bullseye, but who will hit it first…

Christian Lamm axe throwing at el hachazo in valencia

Bullseyes and Belly Laughs

After several rounds of practice and a few close encounters with the target, we started to hit the wooden board with some level of consistency. And then, it happened – the unmistakable thwack of a bullseye. Christian’s axe landed right in the centre of the target – game on MF.  After honing our skills and aiming for that perfect bullseye, I eventually got a few of my own. What started as a unique date night quickly transformed into a hilarious journey filled with laughter, a *touch* of competition, and more bullseye hits than we were ever expecting!

A Tale of Axes and Absurdity

So, if you ever find yourself in Valencia with your one-and-only and feel a tingle for adventure and a healthy dose of laughter, we wholeheartedly recommend giving axe throwing at El Hachazo a shot. The thrill of hitting a bullseye, the sound of laughter in the air, and the joy of embracing something new made this axe throwing escapade truly unforgettable. In fact, we loved the experience so much, we tried it again in their Madrid centre! Remember, it’s not about how many bullseyes you hit *COUGH*, but the memories you create and the sore muscles you’ll feel the next day. As for us, we might not have had the most conventional anniversary, but we did manage to unleash our inner lumberjacks – and that’s something I’ll remember for years to come. Until next time, keep swinging those axes and spreading the love!

View of the city of arts and science from Barcelo Hotel Valencia

Extending Thrills into an Unforgettable Weekend Getaway

If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of a stressful day, we wholeheartedly recommend considering an overnight hotel stay. We got a great offer at Barceló Valencia and made the trip into a weekend getaway. Barceló Valencia offer amazing rooftop views of The City of Arts and Sciences monuments and isn’t a long walk from El Hachazo. Even if you only visit for the cocktails and views, we highly recommend adding this popular spot onto any Valencia trip.

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  • Philip Davis

    27 August 2023 at 3:23 am

    I love your blogs darling, they all look so exciting and great fun , I can’t wait to try axe throwing x

    1. The Adventure Tourist

      30 August 2023 at 10:02 am

      Thank you so much for your lovely comments Phil!! It means a lot! 🙂 x

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