Vía Ferrata in Callosa de Segura with Alicante Aventura 

Winters in Spain are the perfect time to sign up for a Vía Ferrata in Callosa de Segura with Alicante Aventura. Amazing sun and light quality, warm temperatures and little chance of rain – what’s not to love! With Alicante Aventura, there are at least 11 via ferratas that you can do and some are simple and affordable for everyone, while others are more extreme. Little did I know, I would get 25 metres up the rock, reach my limit, and have to be abseiled down! Here’s what happened on our via ferrata adventure. 

We chose a Vía Ferrata in Callosa de Segura because there are some routes with suspension bridges that looked super fun and I wanted to try them out. The Via Ferrata of Callosa de Segura is not just a route, it’s also an experience. You’ll need to be at least 10 years old and in good physical condition to do it, because the rock faces are extremely steep. If you’re not used to climbing with a harness or have never used one before, I highly recommend you take a beginner’s course first. 

This is advice I should have taken before I signed us up for a ‘K5’ route thinking they were all the same level – they are not. We had previously (and unknowingly, due to our own naivety) done a K3 via ferrata in Potes and that was challenging enough for me (read more here). I didn’t realise just how much more difficult a K5 route would be until there I was, hanging on the rock not more than 25 metres up from the start, crying and shaking asking to go down.  

Luckily for me, the guides at Alicante Aventura know exactly what they’re doing, and Edu quickly and calmly abseiled me down to let our group continue climbing. I am quick to be critical with myself and at first, I was disappointed with myself for giving up. However, is it really giving up reaching a limit of fear you physically can’t budge? I went, I tried it, and I couldn’t do it, even though I gave it everything I had. I don’t think that’s anything I should feel ashamed of.  

Christian went on to complete the entire K5 route however and loved every second of it! The route conquers Pico del Águila with spectacular views around it, just see for yourself –  

Overall, Christian would recommend this amazing experience and our top tips for this K5 route are –  

  1. Prepare for a challenge. It’s important that you are physically and mentally prepared for the experience. The route is not easy, so make sure you’re in good shape before taking it on. 
  1. Wear clothes that are comfortable, but also allow you to move around freely. If your clothing has a zipper or button closure, this will be hard work for the guide who’s carrying your equipment and helping you up steep slopes. Slippery shoes were a mistake of mine and made me feel very unstable. 
  1. Have fun! This is what matters most when it comes to enjoying your time on the mountain or hiking up rocks, so don’t worry too much about whether everything went according to plan — just enjoy yourself! If anything goes wrong along the way (like reaching your limit), remember that these things happen sometimes and there will always be another adventure. You can’t conquer them all. 
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If you’re looking for an adventure then why not plan a trip to Callosa de Segura with Alicante Aventura? They are a company that have a great reputation for safety and professionalism and are an official partner of the Spanish Federation of Mountain Guides, which means that they have been reviewed by many people who know what they’re doing. Find more of their routes and activities here!  

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