Ballooning Around Alicante

Sometimes, commercial flights by plane or standard charters by boat are just too mainstream for you and you need to bounce around the skies under a giant, inflatable, hot balloon! Welcome to hot air ballooning in the Mediterranean.  

For me, this was a particularly special flight as it was a present for my 30th birthday. Hot air ballooning has been on my bucket list for many years and fits right in with this bucket list blog! After speaking with the pilot, he told me a story of an older couple in their 90’s (!) who tried this experience as it had always been their dream. I can’t imagine making it to my 90’s in general, let alone being flexible enough to climb into a hot air balloon! So, if you’re not keen on waiting until you’re in your 90’s to try this, the time is now. As the author Simone Elkeles says; 

“If there’s one thing I learned, it’s that nobody is here forever. You have to live for the moment, each and every day . . . the here, the now.”
Simone Elkeles

We went with the one and only hot air balloon Company in Alicante – the family run and pioneer business Aero Globo. They certainly know what they’re doing to offer customers an unforgettable and unique experience. You meet with the business early in the morning and drive with them to the take-off area where you get to watch and even take part in inflating the balloon.  

At the moment just before the balloon is ready, the basket starts to lift off the ground and there’s a quick rush for everyone to climb in and find their spot for take-off. Before you know what’s happened, you’re already 5 meters off the ground and gaining height! The flight is very smooth – if you don’t lean over the edge, you would never know that you’re only standing in a basket, flying through the air by a massive balloon. 

Once you’ve gained some height, the views are beautiful and everything you hope for. This route flies over the rich Mediterranean coastline (south of Alicante) where the pomegranates, lemon trees, olive trees and immense palm groves make up a beautiful landscape you cannot imagine. Towards the end of the flight, you actually fly so close to the palm trees you can touch them!  

For the landing, you need to hold on and crouch down as it is a little bumpy (but nothing to fear), the pilot landed with precision and safety. Overall, the flight takes an hour on average and I would definitely recommend the experience. It does come with a higher price tag than some other activities but it is well worth it. I will never forget my 30th birthday because of this amazing and magical activity!  

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