Snowboarding Madrid’s Slopes 

Let’s imagine freezing temperatures, snowy slopes and woolly gloves… not the typical Madrid description but this is exactly what you can find at the only indoor snow sports centre in Spain!  
Freezing temperatures and snowy peaks in Madrid? Well, not in the traditional sense but Madrid does house the one-and-only indoor Snozone ready for all levels of skiers. At 18,000 square metres, it is one of the largest indoor slopes in the world. The slopes are located inside a shopping centre called Intu Xanadú which is about a 20-minute drive out of Madrid and was honestly one of the most stressful drives to get there but it was well worth the effort.  
We opted for a 2-hour private lesson with one of the instructors who took us through everything from start to finish. It can be frustrating as a beginner because there is a lot to learn but it is so rewarding once you get a bit of momentum going!  
The slopes consist of the standard main slope and smaller slope ideal for beginners, snow park and chair lift. Bring as many hat, scarf and glove combos as you like because their changing rooms are huge, modern and comfortable. At the end of the session, you are given a progression booklet with qualifying levels to keep you motivated and eager to learn more.  

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Okay, I admit; there are plenty of other indoor snow sport centres in the world so what makes this one different? Just imagine – by the time your muscles have warmed up again, you’re already on the rooftop bar crawl finishing your second plate of tapas because you’ve made the excellent decision to mix unforgettable activities with visiting Spain’s capital. Madrid has so much to offer, you won’t be disappointed. 
Overall, we can definitely recommend this top Madrid activity. You don’t need suitcases full of equipment, it’s super fun on your own or in a group and is entertaining for both pro’s and absolute beginners. Don’t miss this opportunity to combine a beautiful city break with fun on the snow!  

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