Scooting Around Florence

Wow! What a magical city Florence is. Christian and I planned this day trip from Rome for our four year anniversary (yay!) but we could have easily spent more time exploring this city. The narrow streets, breath-taking architecture and welcoming atmosphere makes Florence such a charming and warm place to visit. Of course, this day trip would not be complete without some adventure activities!  

The first activity to mention is absolutely unique and one you will only find in Florence – Calcio Fiorentino or calcio storico is a game similar to football or rugby but with a brutal and violent mixed martial arts twist. Held annually in June, the rules of the game are simple; each match lasts 50 minutes and two teams are competing against one another to try and score as many goals as possible. Once the colubrine (small cannon) announces the start of the game, each team will literally beat and fight as many of the other players into submission as possible to allow their other team members the best opportunity to score goals.  

Punching, kicking, tripping, hacking, tackling, and wrestling are all allowed. There’s no protective gear worn and there’s no prize money. These games are held between the four provinces of Florence and only residents in those specific areas can qualify for a spot on the team, it is a game of honour and pride. These games date back to the Middle Ages and whilst Christian and I are keen Brazilian Jiujitsu-ers, we will not be volunteering for anything like the calcio Fiorentino anytime soon! 

As Christian and I were only visiting the city for one day, we needed an exciting tour to fit all the sights in. We have never tried electric scooters before and found a popular guided tour with the Get Your Guide app and we went for it, why not tick a new experience off of our bucket list!  

The tour starts in a prime location here.

In total the tour lasts an hour and a half and our guide certainly knew his stuff with interesting and historical facts at each landmark. We had time for photos and a little exploring at every spot, plus the scooters themselves are so fun and easy to use, we will definitely be renting these again in our next city break. They reached a maximum speed of 25 km/h and handled the cobbled streets really well (Ducati suspension, my un-shaken belly thanks you).  

Even though this was our first time trying electric scooters, they were really easy to get going and I only wobbled a couple of times trying to Kate Winslet Titanic-style riding next to the river. I also nearly took out a fellow tourist at the end but luckily, narrowly missed him. We rode in a line starting with the guide and ending with Christian at the back so we’ll never really know exactly how many tourists he took out.   

Overall, we would highly recommend a guided scooter tour to see the sights. The Cathedral (Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore) and views from Michelangelo Square (Piazzale Michelangelo) are absolute must-see’s for anyone visiting Florence. The great thing about an electric scooter activity is that it’s not limited to Florence unlike the Calcio Fiorentino, there are countless electric scooter tours all over the world in various different cities that are ready and waiting to add some speed to your next city break! 

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