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Top 10 Seaside Costa Blanca Activities

Welcome to holidays on the Costa Blanca! Summers by the sea are great because you can find countless seashore activities up and down the coast, all of them ready and waiting to make your trip in the sun an exciting one. How adventurous are you willing to be? Here is my top 10 seaside activity bucket list for you to tick off. 


Trying out wakeboarding or water skiing is such a fun way to spend a couple of hours, racing along Benidorm beach on your board looking like a pro. This activity can be done at Cable Ski Benidorm which is the only cable ski park currently operating on the sea (as opposed to a lake for example). They offer beginner courses ideal for those who want to get started and try something new. This activity is not for the faint hearted; as fun as it is, wakeboarding is physically challenging and can be frustrating to get going but once you’ve mastered the cable, it is well worth the effort!  


Kayaking is a relatively cheap and easy activity to do with great rewards. Warm up your shoulders for an excellent aerobic exercise and exciting adventure in Altea! We went with rentals from La Bocana because they’re based in the Bay of Altea, part of the protected Natural Park of the Sierra Helada. Our activity involved kayaking out to a little island, exploring, resting and venturing back to the port which is a great addition to any kayak afternoon. They have different models of kayaks: triple, double, individual and for children. Easy, safe and suitable for all ages! 

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Paddle Surfing 

Contrary to popular belief (Christian…) this activity is harder than it looks but equally as enjoyable. Stand Up Paddle Surfing is the activity of standing on what looks like a large surf board floating on the water. Your challenge? To balance on the top of it! The equipment can be rented and we recommend Monkey Rent in Albir to teach you how to take advantage of the waves and the breeze. Stand Up Paddle Surfing is a sport that does not involve great difficulty, it offers great rewards and it won’t break the bank balance. 

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Pedal Boat 

Ahh yes a classic seaside activity – the pedal boat rentals. Have you ever been to the beach and never hired a pedal boat? There’s no time like the present! Prepare your thighs for the epic pedal burn and get ready to take a boat out in the Arenal beach, Javea. This is a great spot to try the activity because there are buoys in the water that you can tie the boat to while you go sliding – no risk of a boat escaping! There’s no need to book anything, just park up and pick your boat. 

Inflatable Fun 

A bouncy castle on the sea? Yes please. Every year, Parques Acuaticos brings the seashore fun to life at Punta del Raset which an exceptional inflatable park that is set just a short distance from the beach. Making memories with the whole family, laughing, scrambling all over the inflatable obstacle course, it’s not to be missed! 

Jet Ski

Now, the fun really begins. Come to the Costa Blanca, jump on a jet ski excursion and have an exceptionally good time! The jet ski excursion with Xtreme Tours is based from Gandia beach and you don’t need a license to try these out. It is one of the most popular activities on Gandia beach and, if you’ve ever been jet skiing before, you will know why. We thoroughly loved riding the waves out on the water and definitely couldn’t write a summer bucket list without including Jet Ski’s!  

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Parasailing is the activity where you are strapped into a harness and hang under a parachute, whilst being pulled along by a rope from a boat on the sea. The photo probably explains that better! Carlos Water Sports in Benidorm have a lot of experience with parasailing and we felt very safe. One of the great reasons to try parasailing is you can do this as a couple or group of three, enjoying the Benidorm skyline and building your adrenaline. A personal favourite activity of mine – parasailing will not disappoint! 

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Snorkelling is possibly one of the most underrated water sports and yet it can be so enjoyable as well as a relatively cheap experience. Snorkelling allows participants to experience the local sights and wildlife you would never be exposed to on land. The options for this activity is to either buy your own equipment from a local beach shop and make the most out of it on your trip or, you can try an organised trip like those arranged with Scuba Moraira. As they say; “jump in the crystal-clear water at one of the coves to explore the Mediterranean underwater world!” 


Spend a couple of hours discovering the gorgeous Costa Blanca coastline with Buceo Cabo la Nao! There are a lot of extra’s to see if you’re willing to look a little under the surface. We chose Buceo Cabo la Nao because they have more than 25 years of experience in the sector, the location is great and they have been awarded the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence for consistently receiving high user ratings. Once you’re kitted up, the speed boats are ready to race you out to the remote coves and discreet spots that can only be found by boat. This is an unforgettable activity and cannot be missed!  

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Wind Surfing  

Windsurfing is the sport where you’re stood on (what looks like) a surf board with a solid sail attached. This can also be called boardsurfing or sailboarding. You can try this activity in many different locations, we recommend Costa Blanca Kite School (or looks like one!) Learn to ride the waves and the wind with our windsurfing course, a sport that never gets old and will drive your adrenaline wherever you want.   

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