Vienna is, in my humble ...

Indoor Skydiving in Vienna

Vienna is, in my humble opinion, one of the most spectacular cities in Europe – the architecture is absolutely stunning with its inviting atmosphere and rich history – simply beautiful. We’re not just here to visit the scenery though… Did you know you can experience the sensation of skydiving with the help of an indoor tunnel right in the city centre?! Sounds too good to be true!  

Indoor skydiving is such a brilliant way to experience the sensation of freefall without the whole what-if-my-parachute-doesn’t-open worry. This doesn’t mean that the activity doesn’t come with any risks but if you listen to the instructors and follow the guidelines, you only need to think about how much you love indoor skydiving! Yes, your face and mouth will catch air in the wind and yes, it will be caught on video. Just another reason to try this activity!!  

The tunnel is located right in the city centre at Windobona, we got there by a local bus from our accommodation and it was easy to find. Once you arrive, the staff are friendly and ready to get you prepared for your bodyflight. After a small briefing and wardrobe change, you are waiting in the wings eager to get your adrenaline kick! In their wind tunnel, you will get to see what it feels like to free fall between 120 km / h and 280 km / h vertical wind speeds. 

No special equipment, prior experience or minimum group number needed – just you and your sports clothes.  

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Still need some convincing? The centre is located in Vienna’s amusement Prater Park filled with the classic attractions like turbulent roller coasters, spooky ghost trains and fast-food snacks. If amusement parks aren’t your thing, Vienna is known for its impressive Imperial Palaces, artistic background and musical masterpieces. Honestly this paragraph is just a massive understatement at how captivating and beautiful the city truly is. I could write pages of recommendations and they still wouldn’t do the city justice – you will have to see it for yourself!  

Alternative suggestions: become a pro! 

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