Leaping into Costa Brava Adrenaline Activities 

Fancy jumping head-first into an activity guaranteed to pump you full of adrenaline?! Come and try the highest bungee jump in Spain with 5-second free-fall from 70 meters in Lloret de Mar. Even if you’ve already tried bungee jumping before, Lloret de Mar also offers the highest human slingshot in Spain!  

In June 2022, Christian and I set off for a festival in Barcelona. We live quite far away from Barcelona so our go-to preparation is to search for any surrounding activities we can combine with the trip – no adventure opportunity is to be missed! Lloret de Mar is about a 1 hours drive away from Barcelona and offered two exciting new jumps to add to our calendars.  

We tried the slingshot jump first with Puenting Barcelona – honestly it is so awesome! Everything you can imagine from a childhood catapult is brought to life with you in the hot seat. After a briefing, you are harnessed up and anchored between a weight balance and a tree, ready to be released. This is where the staff have their fun with you and the tension of being flung into the air really builds! Next thing you know, you are accelerated up into the air flying at around 50 meters high and bouncing around the air in your harness.  

If you’re looking for a more traditional jump, Puenting Barcelona also offer bungee jumps from 70 meters. One location, many adventures! We tried the classic solo bungee jump but they also offer tandem bungee jumps if you want to jump with a pal, you can strap yourselves together and jump as a duo!  

Leaping out into the open air is an incredible feeling and one I highly recommend. Life worries and niggling problems seem to just fade away into the abyss as you step off – activities like these can put everything in perspective and give you the life therapy you didn’t know you needed.  

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