Bridge Jumping in Calpe

Are you READY to forget all your fears and push yourself to the absolute limit? Then this is the activity for you! You might think you’re ready… but just wait until you actually get there and look up at the height of the bridge you’re about to lean over!! As scary as it may look, it is well worth the thrill and adrenaline you are looking for – this activity will not disappoint.  

Bungee jumping with a twist – instead of the traditional jump from a height and then bobbing back up, with a bridge jump you leap and swing under the bridge like a pendulum. You get approximately 3 seconds of freefall before the rope catches you and takes you for the first swing and let me confirm; you get some height on this first go!  

We chose Cuerda Viva for our jump and they were brilliant. All of the instructors are professional, calm and ready to guide you through the activity. We arrived late because we didn’t read all of the instructions… however if you do read the guidance and directions the first time, it is easy to get to. Start the walk on foot here –

Something I was not prepared for was the climb needed to get up to the bridge – if, like me, you’re terrified of climbing then perhaps pick a different location (Cuerda Viva rotate to several different locations). For any confident hikers and climbers, you will be fine. Once you get to the top of the bridge itself, the nerves really start to kick in. Now, you can look down at the full drop and get a first-hand feel for what you’re about to do. You will also get to watch the jumpers before you (unless you’re really brave and jump first!) which means your anticipation only grows. Once it’s your turn, you are outfitted up in your double harness and sent off to the jump spot.  

This is where the fun really begins! I cannot describe the moment you are strapped to the rope, swinging your leg over the metal barrier with nothing but a 50m drop the other side. If you’re like me, you will need a few moments to pause and catch your breath. Then, once you’ve made it to the other side of the barrier, you’ll have the tricky task of swivelling round to face the correct way – Heart. In. Your. Throat.  

You’re leaning over the bridge… you’re looking down into the abyss… you’re starting to hear the countdown… all that’s left to do is jump. READY! 3… 2… 1… JUMP! And that’s it! Off you go, leaping into the air with nothing but a hope and prayer that this rope is going to catch you. A full 3 seconds of feeling weightless, getting closer to the ground until the rope kicks in and you’re now on the best rope swing you will ever experience! All of the emotions and adrenaline burst out as you SCREAM with energy and relief.  

Slowly, you’re lowered down to the ground to touch back down to the world again and rest until you can walk again without shaking. Once you’ve absorbed and taken in that you’ve just jumped off of a bridge, you will feel nothing but happiness, ecstasy and total content with life (okay, maybe not everyone will feel this but I certainly did!).  

This is an activity that will never leave you. When you’re old and grey, looking up at the stars reflecting back on your life, bungee jumping will undoubtedly bring a smile your wrinkly face. It is one of the scariest activities you will find on this blog and I 200% recommend it so if you haven’t done it yet, make your booking! 

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