Skydive Spain 

Skydive Spain holds significant memories for me personally and is, in my opinion, a phenomenal drop zone to participate in skydiving. Here’s why!  

I started skydiving when I was 16, in a lovely drop zone called Skydive GB in Bridlington located by the East Coast in the UK. I went with my parents and Brother for my first ever solo skydive and it was absolutely amazing. Words cannot describe the moment you jump out of a plane, on your own, hoping you won’t forget any of the life-saving advice if things went wrong.  

After this jump, the drop zone burnt down (it was rebuilt and is fully operational now) and we re-located to a new drop zone called Skydive Hibaldstow. Hib is the sister drop zone to Skydive Spain and the biggest drop zone in the UK. The 2 years I spent jumping here are undoubtedly the best skydiving years of my life and I have memories I will cherish to the end. As the two businesses are partners, I was given the opportunity to move to the Spanish drop zone and leave home for the first time at 19 years old. I took the opportunity.  

Moving from the UK to Spain, alone, without any knowledge of the Spanish language and nothing other than a standard holiday suitcase, was scarier than my first jump 1000%. For 1 year, I worked as a plane refueller, drop zone controller, airport transferer, accommodation cleaner… it was a job with many learning curves and responsibilities. It’s due to my year here that I can comfortably and highly recommend Skydive Spain!  

During my time here, I spent a lot of days off wandering the area and photographing as much as I could. I didn’t have enough jumps to put a camera on my helmet and photograph jumpers in the air so apologies if you’ve read the title and are hoping for some action shots! Some photos aren’t even related to skydiving – the Spanish Sunrise image for example was taken on my morning drive into the drop zone. Due to the heat, I had to be at work for a 7AM start (start at 7AM, finish early afternoon before the heat got REALLY bad) which meant waking up and starting my morning commute even earlier. Just before I got to work, I saw the sunlight peeking behind the trees, creating an almost blacked-out silhouette effect which I just love. The sunrise, with its golden glow, gently waking up the palm trees ready to start a new day and reminds me that each day is a new beginning. 

In the time since I left, the sister drop zone’s expanded and there is now a 3rd drop zone in the beautiful setting of Faro, Portugal where presumably another phenomenal skydiving centre in Portugal is currently operating (find more info here). If you are considering a Skydive course, a tandem jump, freefly, tracking, wingsuit coaching… Skydive Spain is the place for you. I hope you’ll make as many lasting memories as I did. 

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