Climbing to the Top – El Montgó 

This is the activity where I was promptly reminded that hiking isn’t for me. The idea of hiking was planned, by me, and yet I was the one who absolutely hated it. I actually asked Christian to take a day off from work for us to do this hike and I think I’d totalled three breakdowns just on the way up. Don’t misunderstand me – the hike is not too difficult – I just don’t like hiking anywhere. I am not the norm however and as many of you enjoy a brisk walk up a mountain to be rewarded with a stunning view, this route definitely deserves a mention.  

El Montgó is most certainly the shining jewel of the area with its character and recognisable shape. Immersed in a natural paradise, the Montgó is located in the perfect setting, balancing inland nature with the Mediterranean Sea. It is the landscape that brings so many locals peace and quiet – we are lucky enough to have a view of the Montgó from our balcony and it is a sight I haven’t taken for granted yet.  

Getting to the car park was our first hurdle. There are many different routes to climb the Montgó, we chose this particular route as it went to the highest point and also largely because we couldn’t find any other starting place. Hopefully, you can avoid an hour of driving around trying not to kill each other (tense car ride) before you even start the climb. The best place to park and start this route is here –  

The hike starts fairly flat and gradually gets steeper until the very top where you’re almost climbing over the rocks with hands and feet. Then there’s the fun of your descent! Quads on fire for days (still worth it). The walk up is also quite stony so make sure you wear shoes with good soles and take plenty of water – we ran out as we got to the top and had to walk the entire way down with a mouth dryer than a Sahara stoner. I had naively thought that it wouldn’t take more than an hour to get to the top. LOL. 3 hours later, Christian and I are sat at the top of El Montgó absolutely exhausted.  

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.
Vivian Greene

Make sure you plan the right time of year to do a hike like this, we went in December and wore shorts and t-shirts – Summer months are to be avoided for sure. The heat is incredible and this is a very exposed route without woodland shelters along the way.   

Although I personally wouldn’t do hiking again, this El Montgó route is certainly worth recommending to any hike-enthusiasts. Even activities you don’t know you’re going to hate are worth it. I still look back and laugh at our memories, the view certainly took my breath away and the valuable life lesson that hiking isn’t for me made it all well worth the efforts and re-set my appreciation for the activities I do love. 

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