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Beautiful City Breaks – with a twist! 

Looking for a city break to a beautiful destination with a bit of a unique twist? We’ve got you covered! Spice up a city break with something different like indoor skydiving or shooting GUNS! I’ve made the choices easy for you with my top destinations that go hand-in-hand with activities worthy of any bucket list.

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Snowboarding Madrid’s Slopes

Let’s imagine freezing temperatures, snowy slopes and woolly gloves… not the typical Madrid description but this is exactly what you can find at the only indoor snow sports centre in Spain!

Freezing temperatures and snowy peaks in Madrid? Well, not in the traditional sense but Madrid does house the one-and-only indoor Snozone ready for all levels of skiers. At 18,000 square metres, it is one of the largest indoor slopes in the world. The slopes are located inside a shopping centre called Intu Xanadú which is about a 20-minute drive out of Madrid. 

Okay, I admit; there are plenty of other indoor snow sport centres in the world so what makes this one different? Just imagine – by the time your muscles have warmed up again, you’re already on the rooftop bar crawl finishing your second plate of tapas because you’ve made the excellent decision to mix unforgettable activities with visiting Spain’s capital.  

You don’t need suitcases full of equipment, it’s super fun on your own or in a group and is entertaining for both pro’s and absolute beginners. Don’t miss this opportunity to combine a beautiful city break with fun on the snow! 

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Indoor Skydiving in Vienna

Vienna is, in my humble opinion, one of the most spectacular cities in Europe – the architecture is absolutely stunning with its inviting atmosphere and rich history – simply beautiful. We’re not just here to visit the scenery though… Did you know you can experience the sensation of skydiving with the help of an indoor tunnel right in the city centre?! Sounds too good to be true!

Indoor skydiving is such a brilliant way to experience the sensation of freefall without the whole what-if-my-parachute-doesn’t-open worry. The tunnel is located right in the city centre at Windobona, we got there by a local bus from our accommodation and it was easy to find. 

After a small briefing and wardrobe change, you are waiting in the wings eager to get your adrenaline kick! In their wind tunnel, you will get to see what it feels like to free fall between 120 km / h and 280 km / h vertical wind speeds! No special equipment, prior experience or minimum group number needed – just you and your sports clothes.

Bratislava’s Secret Shooting Bunker

Bratislava may not be the most visited city in Europe but it is not to be underestimated – this is the capital and largest city of Slovakia full of exciting and memorable things to do like shooting GUNS. Caps are needed so that everyone understands these are not just little, fake guns but massive, badass, very real and very deadly GUNS!

We went with Bratislava Shooting Club who seamlessly organised everything for us from pick up to finish. This shooting range was absolutely awesome, set right under ground in an old WWII bunker! There are many different packages to suit all budgets and online booking is really easy – you can choose which guns you want to fire and the rounds included. 

This activity doesn’t require you to have any experience or equipment – just show up at the right time and place and Bratislava Shooting Club will take you through the rest. The instructor was friendly, professional and we felt safe in good hands. Disclaimer: we didn’t know that the location was in an underground bunker until we were led down a dark hallway with industrial metal doors wondering if we were going to see daylight again. Thankfully, we can assure you, the other side of the door is everything you want from a shooting experience! 

Sunset Segway’s around Budapest

Budapest is such a beautiful city, full of exciting and memorable things to do like sunset Segway tours! If, like me, spending hours walking around on your feet all day sounds truly horrendous, Segway tours present a thrilling and alternative sightseeing method that won’t burn all of your energy.

The tour is run by SegwayKing and lasted 2 hours. The route combines stunning views whilst gliding through the wide streets, beautiful parks and historical sights of Budapest. Unless you’re a seasoned Segway rider, there will be a couple of times where you fear falling flat on your face but what’s an activity without a little excitement?! 

Choosing which one of Budapest’s many exciting activities and central sites to recommend was not easy but this tour is unforgettable and just had to be shared. It is a city full of fun and joy, with panoramic views and symbolic squares alongside the opportunity to try many adventure sports – this is the ideal recipe to make glowing, long-lasting memories. 

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

The activities chosen in this post are for anyone whose sole objective is to release some adrenaline and enjoy without limits. They don’t require you to fill up half your suitcase with unnecessary equipment and vary in prices depending on your budget. What better way to travel the world than combining adventures with once-in-a-lifetime adrenaline activities?! 

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